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Jeita Grotto cave, Lebanon

The highlight of our trip to Lebanon was the Jeito Grotto. It’s a limestone cave just outside of Beirut. The cave is so big that it’s divided into upper and lower cave. The size of the chambers is simply breathtaking.

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Tel Aviv for the Foodies

We often joke that our goal for traveling is to eat. We enjoy eating and all kinds of cuisine. So far, we haven’t found any food that we don’t enjoy. Being such foodies, we are always on the lookout for amazing restaurants and new recipe.
We had a fantastic foodie treat while in Tel Aviv. Aside from the abundance of cafes, Tel Aviv has some very high quality restaurants. We felt like the ones we ate at are extremely delicious and would like to share with the world. We only …

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Tel Aviv, Israel in a day

You might not think of traveling somewhere like Israel for vacation (unless you’re on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem!), but we did! We stumbled upon Tel Aviv this month, and instantly fell in love with it.

As controversial as Israel is at times, it was difficult for us to imagine what Tel Aviv would look like, but to our surprise it turned out to be very hip, chic, laid back and very VERY livable! The city felt like a perfect combination of Paris and San Francisco!

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the Goodfishies guide to packing, leaving & relocating across the world

We fish have traveled a fair bit since the first day we teamed-up a few years ago. We won’t call ourselves travel professionals quite yet, but we are getting really good at packing (and re-packing) our entire existance into backpacks, suitcases, duffel-bags & boxes and moving to a new place. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Trust us!

Anyway, here’s a how-to on dropping new roots…

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The Great Wall of China – Simatai

If you are heading to China, you HAVE TO see the Great Wall of China! We hiked the Great Wall on our recent trip to China and it was easily the highlight of our entire trip.
The Great Wall is very long; however, the most popular section of the Great Wall is near Beijing. The most well-known section is called “Ba Da Ling” (八達嶺). It is the closest section to the city and it’s always packed with tourists. The Badaling section has been completely renovated and rebuilt. Apparently most of …

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Places you must eat in Puerto Vallarta (the foody’s guide)

If you are a tourist in Puerto Vallarta, eating can get a bit confusing. Either you get cramped in a ‘supposedly’ authentic Mexican restaurant with a bunch of other cruise ship / sun burned / wristband-tan-line tourists, or you end up in a giant lineup for the ‘supposedly’ new hottest spot in town (possibly translating to mega expensive). How to find your balance and experience the best of both worlds? Where to find authentic and delicious food, while keeping your sanity?
We are foodies. We love food. One of the …

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